Travel Guide: The other side of the Golden Gate Bridge: Day 2

I’ve been to San Francisco a few times now but I’ve never spent more than a few hours on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge and boy was I missing out! While I love the city, I also enjoy hiking. It makes me feel less guilty about all the food I consume during my trip. This time I made sure we scheduled an entire day outdoor.

After a long night in the city, we checked in our Airbnb in Mill Valley. The following day we slept in a bit and headed out around 10am to Whole Foods to grab some food before the long hike. Little did we know, sleeping in would translate to an additional 1km of hiking from where we had to park to the actual location of the trail. It was a cool fall day so the walk wasn’t too bad.

At the entrance of the park, park rangers are around to answer questions. What to expect, types of vegetation, wildlife – we asked which was the most scenic hiking trail. We chose the Canopy View Trail which used to be called the Ocean View Trail but the view has since been covered.

The trail starts off pretty busy but people slowly branch off to easier trails. On our trail, every once in a while a small group of hikers would pass us but other than that, we felt like we were alone in a majestic forest.

The magic came when we actually headed to the forest floor. How the light shined through the trees, the lightness of the forest felt so serene. I’ll let the pictures do the talking here.


Six miles and a few hours later (and another 1km to walk back to the car) we still had some time to kill before our flight so we headed to Muir Beach nearby. Muir Beach offered yet another hiking trail to the top of the mountain but half way through, our legs gave in so we admired the Pacific Ocean at the mid-way point, snapped some photos and headed to Sausalito.

Last time we visited San Francisco with our friend Ken, he introduced us to Sausalito. Though we visited at night that time, we saw the hills of houses that reminded me of Greece and I knew that I wanted to visit again.

Sausalito feels like a small island full of non-commercialized boutique shops and restaurants. Last time we ate at Napa Valley Burger Co. and had the best guacamole I’ve ever tasted. We were so tempted to go again but because we had ideas for dinner, we decided to opt for Hamburgers (name of the take out joint). They grill their fresh patties on a rotating grill in front of the window drawing crowds with its burgers & fries. We got a huge burger to share as a “snack”. Juicy and delicious.

New England Lobster Market & EateryReminiscing the lobster we got last time, we decided to go back to the New England Lobster Market & Eatery in Burlingame conveniently located by the airport but in an industrial area. Maybe lobsters weren’t in season (November) but the lobster size seemed to have shrunk slightly but I’m not complaining. Still loved the price $20 for a lobster, bread and sides. Yum!

And with this delicious meal, it concluded our 3 adventurous days in San Francisco.


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